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Bridgerton House Brass Stair Rods

Bridgerton House Brass Stair Rods

These will ship in 3-4 weeks - available in antique brass only

Introducing our exquisite Stair Rods with Piston Finials, the perfect fusion of elegance and whimsy for your staircase decor. 

Crafted with precision and designed to enhance the beauty of your home, these stair rods offer a delightful blend of functionality and aesthetic appeal. Each stair rod is meticulously crafted from high-quality stainless steel, ensuring durability and longevity while maintaining a lightweight construction for easy installation. The highlight of these stair rods lies in their unique Piston finials. Not only do these stair rods serve as decorative accents, but they also provide practical benefits. By securely holding carpet runners or stair carpets in place, they prevent shifting and bunching, ensuring safety and stability with every step.

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